To be
To be well
To feel well within yourself

Aesthetic plastic surgery has become one of the fastest growing branches of medicine.

Naturally good

To repair anatomy, to restore function and improve your appearance, aesthetic surgery is at the crossroads of beauty, medical expertise and psychology.

If you wish to have a medical aesthetic change on you, we will make every effort to achieve the result that you expect, in the best conditions of comfort and security. Or dissuade you if we think that your project is unreasonable.

In an elegant and comfortable atmosphere, you will meet our team of experts. We recruited international specialists to provide you with the technical skills of the highest level. Surrounded by our team of experienced and dedicated caregivers.

The first requirement

In this well-being oriented surgery, your safety is a priority.

The professionalism and experience of our practitioners are considered as a reference both in Switzerland and internationally. Technical equipment, conditions of anaesthesia, choice of materials, attentive and personalized follow-up: the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Center La Colline considers your safety and absolute priority. The permanent formation of our teams and the critical choice of biodegradable injectables are part of this approach.

Natural foremost

Beauty is subjective and mysterious. Feeling good and pleasing yourself, in respect of your authenticity.

Only a real support based on listening and dialogue can help you clarify your request in order to achieve your goals.

To meet your expectations, we offer you our medical expertise combined with a genuine ethical contract.

Our ethical charter in 7 points:

  1. Listening to you without prejudice and inform you without ambiguity
  2. Help you find the best solution to meet your goals
  3. Proposing you only safe and biodegradable products /li>
  4. Submit ourselves to continuous training
  5. Ensure the best skills
  6. Refuse to perform a procedure that would be detrimental to you
  7. Prioritize your interests over our commercial interests