We cannot conceive any therapeutic approach without a trustful relationship. We will never judge any demand.


You are the only one able to assess the emotional resonance or discomfort generated by your problem.

Our patients, whether they are men or women, want to change something about their body, their appearance, their image. Should it be few square millimetres of skin on the upper eyelids or total body contouring after a massive weight loss of more than 100 kg.

No matter! An important part of our job is to listen to you and to inform you objectively about the available opportunities to satisfy you. If we think your project is impossible or harmful to you, we will try to dissuade you while focussing on your real needs.

Our patients are people from diverse backgrounds and styles. They come from both Geneva and its surroundings but also close or distant countries.

All of our patients come to us for the quality and the qualifications of our specialists but equally for the impartiality of our advice.

More and more often we are consulted by people who simply want to feel better, but do not know how to proceed. We offer them our experience and our network of specialists working in the broad field of wellbeing and regenerative medicine (formerly "anti-aging medicine").