Before / After

« Surgery » from the Greek « chiros et urgein » i.e To heal with hands

Before / After

The most impressive moment of any surgery is the time of the operation. A good looking surgeon behind his mask, the surgical light on a beautiful and devoted scrub nurse. Quiet, Action! ...

But if the cinematographic image is indeed very "sexy", this is just the tip of the iceberg. The main point is the before and the after. Before, because you have to communicate and establish the surgical indication with confidence. And after because you have to accompany patients until the final healing.

The path is sometimes long and sometimes patients... are impatient. These photos are not very photogenic, nor contractual, but allow future patients to get an idea of what is possible. To use with caution.

Face: lift - complete reconstructive surgery


Our face is a reflection of our identity. Like a scene in a play, it is constantly evolving. Surgery should simply put things back in place and redefine traits that have lost their shape.


Face: lift - adapted techniques


Due to the wide diversity of faces, techniques such as the platysmaplasty, had to be adapted.


Face: Hyalsculpt™ - reconstruction using hyaluronic acid


The combination of surgical expertise and the technological advancement of hyaluronic acid has led to the development of Hyalsculpt™: a highly targeted, personalized intervention without any surgery or scars.


Chin: Hyalsculpt™ - reconstruction using hyaluronic


The subtle balance between curves, shapes and shadows give the face its own unique look. A chin that's too small disrupts this balance and can now be corrected by a simple injection of hyaluronic acid.


Face: skin Treatments - deep peeling


When the skin has been severely damaged, only a deep treatment can help. The phenol peeling remains the best choice when done by experimented specialists.

These peelings are performed by Dr. JL Vigneron, world renowned expert in this field.


Face: skin treatmentsacid


Healthy-looking fullness, fine traits, a lively expression can be overshadowed by age spots or sun damage.

Several techniques are now available and can be customized to meet each individual's needs.


Face: rhinoplasty - nose reconstructionacid


The most beautiful nose is one that fits harmoniously with the face and personality of the person to whom it belongs. We don't operate on noses, we operate on people!

Non-surgical corrections using simple injections of hyaluronic acid are now possible and can provide highly satisfying results.


Face: rhinoplasty - non surgical Hyalsculpt™ treatment


Non-surgical corrections using simple hyaluronic acid injections (Hyalsculpt™) are now possible and can provide very satisfying results.


Face: blepharoplasty - eyelid reconstruction


The human face is like a magnificent theatrical stage. The eyes are like windows to the soul, and the smile reveals the heart. Advanced techniques using hyaluronic acid injected through micro-cannula can gently and lastingly erase bags and dark circles under the eyes, painlessly, without bruising.


Face: gaze and dark circles


HyalSculpt™, advanced technique of remodeling via the microcannula insertion of hyaluronic acid, allows to gently erase dark circles for lasting results, without any bruises or pain in order to re-establish harmony around the eyes.


Face: smile & mouth



The gaze and smile are the essential features of the face. With the HyalSculpt™ technique, we can naturally and subtly repulp thin or crooked lips.


Breasts: reconstruction after damage caused by illness


After winning the battle against illness, a damaged or absent breast leaves an emotionally painful scar that's difficult to cope with. Today there are many reconstructive options that produce very beautiful, natural results.


Breasts: lifting - reconstructive surgery


When breasts are damaged for less traumatic reasons, such as weight loss, or even wonderful reasons such as child bearing, it is no less disturbing to not be able to recognize your own femininity.


Breasts: cosmetic augmentation


When a physical feature is the source of emotional suffering. Breast implants give beautiful results. Volume augmentation with patient's own fat can be used in some cases.


Breasts: size reduction


When breasts are too big, they can cause considerable daily discomfort. In this case, cosmetic surgery can provide important relief.


Breasts: rebalancing


Although a slight imbalance is rather common and even somewhat charming, when one breast is significantly larger than the other, women can truly suffer.


Abdomen: cosmetic & functional repair


Abdominal areas that have been damaged either by pregnancy or excessive weight can be repaired thanks to a procedure called abdominoplasty (or "tummy tuck").
This technique of tightening up the abdominal area provides extremely satisfying results.


Abdomen: cosmetic abdominoplasty


Pregnancy as well as weight loss can lead to somewhat saggy abdominal areas which often make people feel very uncomfortable about their bodies. Certain techniques that are well adapted to these situations can deliver exceptional results.


Body: body-lifts, reshaping and contouring



In extreme cases, such as obesity, massive areas of the body may be destroyed and their repair requires multidisciplinary expertise.


Body: cosmetic body-lifts


Sometimes the simple act of ageing causes skin tissue sagging which can be repaired using the same surgical techniques and modern technologies as for more serious damage.


Body: cosmetic body-lifts


The mastery of surgical techniques for reshaping the body's contours has enabled doctors to treat areas that until now had little hope.


Arms: plastic surgery


The best surgical techniques in experts hands allow to reshape the arms with reasonable scarring sequelae


Buttocks: reshaping




Long neglected, buttocks can now be effectively reshaped thanks to the body-lift technique, which produces very satisfying results. Implants may also be appropriate options in certain cases. The use of hyaluronic acid (Macrolane®) may also be adequate treatment for minor sagging.


Buttocks: plastic surgery


While implants do not work as well in buttocks as they do in breasts, and other techniques (fat or hyaluronic acid) do not provide lasting results, buttocks lifts done by experts can be very attractive.